Almond Macaroon Soy Candle

Almond Macaroon Soy Candle


A special afternoon tea calls for almond macaroons in soft, pastel colours, this candle will transport you to an elegant tearoom where the cake is a delicious luxury and the sandwiches never have crusts. My sustainable soy wax candles use the highest quality wax from renewable sources and produce a superior clean burn with excellent scent throw, to give you a real sensory experience whichever scent you choose. Each fragrance is designed especially for my collection using a high level of essential oils combined with fragrance ingredients to create evocative scents built around everyday ingredients from the kitchen and garden.

All candles are hand made in England

Burn time approx. 45 hours

This carton is made using either 100% recycled materials, or combined with FSC certified suppliers. Please recycle or reuse your glass container

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