What's so special about Cold Process Soaps.

A Few Reasons

For those who may not have tried cold process soap, I feel this is a great place to explain what it is and why it is such a wonderful cosmetic product.

The widespread adoption of liquid hand and body washes has almost destroyed the traditional soap business which I personally feel is a great shame. At times soap has also received rather a bad press and has been seen as harsh and unfriendly to the skin. Whereas a mass produced,  tallow based soap, with a cheap fragrance  might not be the best option, a cold process, completely naturally  based hand made soap is quite another thing altogether.

The hand made soaps that I make and sell are created from old recipes  and methods and use pure essential oils, vegetable oils and butters, which make them eco friendly and gentle on the skin. They are also super efficient cleansers, multi purpose and convenient. I have chosen to add  bio degradable, glassine packaging which means that every bit of the soap is either used or degrades naturally without any adverse effect on the environment. They are also the best cosmetic product to take when travelling as they can be used on the body,, as well as the face and will remove make up with warm water and a face cloth, which will save you lots of space for life’s other essentials.

This collection includes a select range of soaps fragranced only with pure essential oils. These are  blended with natural and sustainable olive, rapeseed  and coconut  vegetable oils  and moisturising  shea butter.  This produces the most lovely creamy lather and a delightful scent. The soaps last right down to the last thin slice due to the traditional curing process which allows them to harden naturally before use.

I have just added 2 new soaps to the range, to include an exfoliating Gardener's soap with green clay to draw out dirt and fine pumice to really get to work on the dirt that gardener's know so well. Don't just leave this soap to the gardeners! It makes a great gift for anyone who works with their hands and wants an effective cleanser which is kind to the skin and the planet.

I had to include a Seaweed soap in my Collection. Living by the sea, in wonderful Hastings in East Sussex I am lucky enough to see the sea everyday and this has inspired me to create Seaweed, Peppermint and Lemon soap with a gentle exfoliating action from the seaweed particles present in the soap. The blend of the natural seaweed and the fresh essential oils in the recipe really does conjure up that seaside aroma we all love! Try it and see for yourself

In May I will launch my long awaited Solid Shampoo Bars. It has taken quite some time to get the formulation just right and to create the fabulous packaging, with help from illustrator Daisy Stott and my friend and graphic designer the lovely Lindsey.

But as they say, good things are worth waiting for, and in this case I do believe it’s true. Watch this space for news very soon!